Sonoma County Reptile Rescue - Who We Are


Al Wolf, Director

An animal lover from childhood, Al Wolf's interest in snakes, lizards and tortoises had become more than an interesting hobby. Al founded Sonoma County Reptile Rescue in 1989, the culmination of his life-long love for reptiles. Al has an extensive background in reptile care, animal husbandry, and conservation. He has worked for the Louise A. Boyd Museum of Natural History and as an administrator at the San Francisco Zoo, as well as other animal rescue organizations. Al has made appearances on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Animal Planet, The Today Show, Britain's Animal Rescue Squad, and several other television programs. Al devotes the majority of his time and resources to the rescue and rehabilitation of reptiles, and to educating others about them.

Laurie Osborne, Education Coordinator

Laurie has loved animals all her life and truly enjoys educating others about the reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates that cross her path at Sonoma County Reptile Rescue. She is a former animal trainer from Marine World Africa USA, and has worked for veterinarians in Marin County and as a volunteer for Classroom Safari. Laurie is currently a member and acting officer of the California Reptile and Invertebrate Society, and the San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society, and is a member and former president of the North Bay Herpetological Society.

Al in the field

Al in the Garage handling reptile

Laurie and Al in classroom

Al holding Spider